March 2019 · 2 minute read

I started working on iOS professionally for more than a year and a half from now, at the same time that I have decided to move to Tokyo in order to discover something new.

Learning iOS development was really exciting and enjoyable, but as always, when you start something new, you obviously have to learn a lot about it, before even trying to teach it or help others about it. Chances are that you can find a tremendous amount of awesome resources online (blog posts, video tutorial, documentation) and tons of books.

I think it’s important to thank all the people, who took the time to write and post their knowledge online in order to share it with others.

As I was steadily improving my iOS Development skills, I started realizing that I could possibly help others and share my knowledge with the community. I began helping people who were new to iOS at meetups, contributing to Open Source projects and presenting my first talk. That was really amazing. I definitely recommend sharing your knowledge with others no matter what your level of expertise is. It may seem trivial for you and you may think: > I shouldn’t publish or talk about this because everybody knows that!

, but you are wrong.

You will share what you know with a panel of different people: some may know about, some may have heard about it and some don’t know about it. No matter the subject nor the audience, there is always something to learn, for them, but also for you by the feedback you will receive.

That is why I have decided to start this blog. I am far from knowing everything about iOS or development in general and I keep learning every day with joy and eager to know more. However, I believe and hope that there will be something to learn about at some point. I may share my thoughts about some topics, be right or wrong about others, but in every case, I will be happy to receive any feedback about it, positive and negative, because this is how we can be better.

In term of content, I’ll try to publish a post every week or two, about iOS or other tech-related subjects. I am really interested in UI in general so some posts will be UI oriented but I not only.

I really hope that you will enjoy the content of those blog posts as much as I will enjoy writing them.

Do not hesitate to reach me about anything! Thank you.